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Professor John Putman 
Department of History   
Fall 2017





History 110 American History since Civil War



Links to my Star Trek interviews: SDSUniverse , Channel 8 News, SDSU Newscenter, and KPBS

Here's my presentation on Star Trek at 2012 ComicFest Star Trek and American History

Here's my latest interviews on Star Trek at 50 for Al Jazeera and for History Channel


History 109--US History to Reconstruction (Summer 2015)

History 539 Star Trek, Culture and History

Hist 445 California History (Summer 2017)

History 545--Constitutional History of the US (Spring 2015)

History 536--US History since WWII (Spring 2013)

History 400W--Historian's Craft (Spring 2011)

History 410--US History for Teachers (Spirng 2010)

History 539--The American West) (Spring 2014)

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Prof. Putman's Brief Bio
Office: AL 557
Phone/Voice Mail: 594-4888


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