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History 109
Professor John Putman



 US History Links and Learning Aids

History Links | Research Aids

History Links

The Avalon Project 17th Century Documents

The Avalon Project 18th Century Documents

The Avalon Project 19th Century Documents


Jamestown Fort Rediscovered

Virtual Jamestown

Virtual Jamestown Indenture of William Buckland

Cotton Mather The Tryal of G.B.

The Salem Witchcraft Trials

Salem Witchcraft Documents

The Salem Witch Museum 

Declaration and Resolves


The History Place - American Revolution

LIBERTY! The American Revolution

A Revolutionary WEBQUEST

Schoolhouse Rock - History Rock

Monticello—The Home of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Online Archive Documents

Ardent Spirits: Origins of the American Temperance Movement

Welcome To The California Native American Site!

The African-American Mosaic Exhibition

Exploring Amistad Race and the Boundaries of Freedom

Confessions of Nat Turner

History Happens - On An Underground Railroad

Official Site of Negro Spirituals 

America Singing Nineteenth-Century Song Sheets

American Experience: The Abolitonists

Garrison's Philadelphia Anti-Slavery Declaration

Towards Racial Equality at

Uncle Tom's Cabin Web site

Fitzhugh's Defense of Slavery

Hammond's Mudsill Theory in Defense of Slavery

TreasureNet Civil War Images

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States

Civil War Cartoons

The American Civil War Homepage

The Valley of the Shadow Two Communities in the American Civil War

Documents on the Sand Creek Massacre (1864-1865)

The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

HarpWeek Hayes vs. Tilden The Electoral College Controversy of 1876-1877

Research and Writing Aids

Putman's Writing Tips

SDSU Dept of History Writing Guides

10 Commandments of Good Historical Writing

UNC Writing Center Handouts

Research and Documentation Online

Strunk and White,  The Elements of Style

Common Errors in English