What are the larger historical questions Gaddis seems intent to examine?
How does he deal with Tocqueville’s prediction?

Gaddis, We Now Know, Ch. 1

What historical events and changes does Gaddis cite as origins of a growing conflict between the 2 nations?

How important are Wilson and Lenin to Gaddis’ view or interpretation?

Why didn’t the Cold War thus begin with WWI?

Why the comparison of Hitler and Stalin?

What explains the timing of the conflict between these two and was it inevitable?

Why would it be harder for US and USSR to adjust to each other?
How did postwar goals or desires of each differ?

Why according to Gaddis should we believe Stalin’s rhetoric and words?

How does he explain why European nations were more receptive to US and USSR? In other words why a US sphere of influence more successful than the Soviets?

How does Gaddis use theory to help him support his argument? (21) How does he use this?