1920s Culture


Fass, “Sex and Youth in the Jazz Age”

Why and how were the 20s a turning point?  A turning point from what to what?

What new insight and old tradition shaped relationships between young and women in the 20s according to Fass?

How does the author define dating and why or how did it fit the changes in America society?

Why does she argue was the fear of sexual promiscuity unfounded during the 20s?

Why was petting more prevalent and how did youth see this?

What did women’s fashion, hairstyle, and use of cosmetics indicate or signify?

Why did women take up smoking and drinking more in this decade?


Scharff, Ch. 6-end

How did WWI further change traditional gender roles? What opportunities did the war offer women, especially regarding access and control of cars?

How did American ideas of masculinity and femininity influence how car companies marketed their vehicles? Be sure to provide a few specific examples. If women were not the primary drivers or owners of cars then why did auto companies consider them in advertising and marketing?

How was the car potentially liberating for many women in the 1920s? How could it also be dangerous? How did married middle-class women use the car on a daily basis? Did the auto actually lessen their workload?



“The Man Nobody Knows”

How does this document reflect the changes the 20s brought?

How does he portray Jesus Christ and why should advertisers follow him or read about him?

What does this piece tell us about how Americans viewed the business world during the 20s?