The 70s


Lemann, “How the Seventies Changed America

How have most viewed the 70s as a decade?

In what ways was the 70s a continuation or full flowering of the 60s?

What does the author argue was the epochal event of the 70s?  Why?

Why did Americans not recognize the significance of this event at that time?

What explains the passage of Proposition 13?

What was meant by the Me Decade?

How did foreign policy change in the 70s

What explains failure of President Carter to win reelection?


After the Fact—Ch. 14


How are audio tapes like a camera”s “mirror with a memory?”
How do audio tapes as evidence compare to written transcripts of the same conversation?

What cautions must one consider when using audio tapes?

How can these tapes help us understand Nixon?



Sam Ervin Explains the Watergate Crimes

What kinds of infractions or wrongdoings did Ervin list regarding Nixon’s actions?

How did you respond to this document?