Reagan and the 80s


Edsall, The Mobilization of American Business

What larger historical issue or trend is Edsall trying to explain in this article?

How does the author explain the failure of the Republican Party to achieve majority status (become the larger party) in the 1970s and 80s?

What changes in party politics during the 70s and 80s did the author emphasize as key to explain changing policy of gov’t?

In short, what do the income distribution figures indicate?

What happened to the Democratic party in the 70s that allowed the Republican party to become majority party by 1980?

What factors does the author cite to that help the Republican party grow and gain new supporters?


Tygiel, “Stay the Course”: The Reagan Presidency, 1981-82

What does the author say about the style of the Reagan presidency and why is this important?

How did Reagan approach foreign policy?

How did Reagan reshaped domestic policy?

How did Reagan approach the economy and what problems did this cause?

Comic Book Nation, Ch. 9

What business problems did the comic book industry face in the 1970s?

Why did companies like Marvel and DC Comics still turn a good profit?

Why did comic books companies turn to direct marketing and why was this better?

How did Wolverine reflect the cultural and political sensibilities of the 1980s?
What made Batman: The Dark Knight Returns fit the period?

Why was The Watchmen so different and significant?

How does the Punisher reflect late 70s and early 80s?