Immigration and Industrialization

Handlin, “The Uprooted”

What is the relationship between immigration and the nation’s economy?

How did the economy change in the late 19th century?

What were the workers’ concerns or complaints?

What strategies did immigrant workers employ or use to survive?

How does Handlin characterize the immigrant experience overall?


Wyman, Coming and Going: Round Trip to America

How does Wyman’s examination of immigration differ from Handlin’s?

How does this change how we understand late 19th-century immigration?

Why does the author discuss migration trends within Europe?

What key factor helps explain the decision to emigrate to US?

What was the general profile or demographics of European immigrants? What do these figures tell us or perhaps indicate?

How did the desire to return to their homeland affect their experiences in the US?

Why was the impact of those who did return to homeland?