Industrialization and Labor

Brown, “Reading the 1894 Pullman Strike”

 Regarding the background article, what made the Pullman Palace Car company different from other companies?

Why did some criticize Pullman’s operation?

Why did this conflict become a national struggle?

What explains the loss of the ARU in this conflict?

Regarding the use of newspapers as primary sources, what are the advantages of newspapers for historians?

What are the disadvantages or weakness of newspapers?

How might one figure out or determine bias in the newspapers?

Please fill out the chart that precedes the newspaper articles provided in the chapter.


The Industrial Revolution: A Teaching Challenge

Why is teaching the industrial revolution a challenge?

What about the industrial revolution does Stearns think is intriguing?

What suggestions does Stearns have for teaching the industrial revolution?


“Immigrant Thomas O’Donnell Laments the Plight of the Worker”

Why is the document valuable?

Why is it difficult for him to find work?

What allowed employers to use child labor?

Even when workers received a decent wage what made it difficult for workers to survive well?

What does he try to do to get by?

Why can’t he go west to start over?

How does he describe living conditions and food?



Carnegie, “Wealth”

Why is this a useful document for the classroom?

How had society changed?

How does he view this change?

What is his point about “survival of the fittest?”

What are his proposals about administering wealth?

Why is it better for rich to use wealth to help society while alive?

Why should rich decide where it should be spent?

Why might some question this kind of philanthropy?