The New Deal and FDR


Kennedy, “FDR: Advocate for the American People”

What does Kennedy see as the impact of FDR’s disability?

How did FDR see gov’t?

Why was FDR more popular with the people than Hoover?

How did FDR see relief programs like CCC and FERA?

How did the depression help FDR begin to address the long-suffering poor and impoverished?

According to Kennedy, what factors or forces kept FDR from achieving his ideal Social Security program that he initially envisioned?

What were some of FDR’s New Deal accomplishments, successes, and legacies?


Higgs, “Opportunistic Architect of Big Gov’t”

What does Higgs see as the usual view of FDR and the New Deal? How does he feel about this popular view?

What is Higgs view of FDR’s impact on the depression?

How does Higgs view the politics of the New Deal?

Why is Higgs critical of FDR’s advisors?

What is his view of the analogy of a war?

What is Higgs’ criticism of FDR himself?

What are the legacies and the FDR and the New Deal and how does Higgs feel about them?


Comic Book Nation :Ch. 1

How was Superman a reflection of 1930s America?  In other words, what themes did Superman comics emphasize and who were the bad guys?

What were the major differences between Batman and Superman?

Why was Wonder Woman character unique and complex?  How liberating was she as a character?

How specifically did comic books reflect or contribute to New Deal America of the 30s?

Why did parents and intellectuals object to comic books in the 30s?


FDR Cartoons:

Pick one or two cartoons that you think are quite effective or telling and bring them to class.  What is the message? What symbols are used?  What makes it effective?