Backlash and Rise of the New Right


Carter, “George Wallace, Richard Nixon, and the Triumph of the Right”

Why must we look to the late 60s for the origins of the New Right conservative movement?

Why the focus and emphasis on the South by conservatives like Nixon and Wallace?

Why and how did Wallace threaten Nixon’s chances of victory?

What factors or actions hurt Wallace in the end?

Why is Wallace significant even though he lost?


Martin, “Culture War”

What does Martin mean when he refers to culture wars? 

What cultural issue caused people like Mrs. Moore to react so harshly and why does she feel this way?  Why is her reaction so important?

Who or what did she and her supporters blame for this problem?

What other larger historical events or issues help explain why these people like Moore reacted so?


Story and Laurie, “Expanding the Base”

What key political change occurred during the period 1968 to 2000 according to the authors?

Why was George Wallace somewhat successful in the 1968 election?

How did Democrats actually help or contribute to Nixon’s victory in 1972 and the growth of conservatism?

How did corporate American and big business contribute to rise of conservatism in the 1970s?

Why was Phyllis Schlafly important to this shift in politics in the 70s?

How did the ailing economy aid of the 70s contribute to conservativism?

What role did religion and foreign policy play into the growing power of conservative Republicans?

What factors help explain Reagan’s victory in 1980s?