Gender and Progressive Era

 Scharff, Taking the Wheel, Ch. 1-5

1)       What was wrong with public transportation for middle-class women?

2)       Why were chaffuers not an acceptable solution? What problems did they pose?

3)       Why did most people believe that the auto was too dangerous for women to operate on their own? In other words, why shouldn't they take the wheel?

4)       What stereotypes of gender (women) supported the conclusion that women shouldn't drive cars?

5)       What does the debate over women's access to the car tell us about how American society viewed role and place of women at the turn of the century?

6)       Why was the electric car an acceptable car for women? What made it ideal?

7)       How did car company ads use gender to market new developments like the self-starter to sell cars? What did this mean for men?

8)       Why did long-distance races and female race drivers affect women's relationship with the car?

9)       How did the car affect the suffrage movement?


Document: Social Worker Jane Addams Advocates Civic Housekeeping

How does Addams characterize the city in early 1900s?

Who best to address the ills of the city and why them?


Document: "The Revolution in Women's Work"

How does this document argue that women must have the vote?

What evidence does it offer to support this argument?