The American West


Billington, “Frontier Democracy”

Overall, what is Billington’s view or picture of the American West?

According to Billington, why was there a stronger sense of individualism in the west?

What kind of evidence does he cite to support his argument that west possessed greater sense of equality for all (except people of color)?


Limerick, “Legacy of Conquest”

What is her larger view or picture of the West?

How was the West different from East or Europe?

What is the typical picture of the west?

How did white workers’ expectations affect their attitude towards Chinese?

Why the anti-Mormon hostility and why is this important according to Limerick?

How did those who went West see the place compared to the east?

Turner, “The Significance of the Frontier”

Where or what is frontier exactly?

Why was frontier so important to American culture and society?

What does this mean then if the frontier is gone?


Red Cloud’s Speech

Why is this document helpful?

How does he feel about the government?

What specific things did the gov’t attempt to do?

What was Flying Hawk’s memory of Wounded Knee?


Buffalo Bill Cody—The Program

Why do you think his show was important?  What does it resemble today?

How did the show’s program depict the west?

Why was his show not the reality of the west?


Buffalo Bill Cody—Cast Members

What was important to him about casting?

Who most important to a successful show?  Why?

How was his use of Indians good and bad?

How did his portrayal of Rough Riders connected to American imperialism?