World War II and Cold War


Brinkley, “Over Here: World War II and American Liberalism”

How does the author define American liberalism?

What was the demographic impact of WWII and why so important?

How did the war affect gender norms?

How else did the war affect traditionally marginalized people?

How did WWII shaped American economic policy in the postwar years?

What ideological effects did the war have on American liberalism?


Takaki, A Different Mirror

What about the nature of WWII forced Americans to confront their racial past?

What was the status of racial minorities at the war’s beginning?

Why is the Japanese American experience in Hawaii important to understanding their experiences on the mainland?

Why did Hawaii not intern its local Japanese American population?

Why then were Japanese Americans interned in CA?  Who or what led the charge?

What’s the significance of the enlistment of Japanese American soldiers and troops like the 442nd?

Why did WWII change mainstream Americans’ view of Chinese Americans?

What changes or new experiences did this provide for the Chinese American population?

Why did Chinese Americans, Indians, Mexican Americans, and African Americans enlist and fight in the war?

What was the meaning of the statement, “A Jim Crow army cannot fight for a free world?

How might have the war experiences helped prepare nation for the Civil Rights era?


Comic Book Nation, Ch. 2

 How did WWII affect the comic book industry?

How did the comic book industry attempt to improve its image during this time?

What were the messages and themes emphasized by the “jungle” comic books?

How did outbreak of war in Europe reveal itself in comic books? What did some comic books suggest that US do?

How did comic books change regarding the war after Pearl Harbor?

How did comics books portrayal of Japanese and Nazis differ?  What was surprising or different about how they handled Russia?


Rosie the Riveters

 How did the war change the lives of some women like these?

What problems did these women face?