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 California History Links

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California History Links

Gold Rush Era

Race, Class, & Gender

CA Visions & Dreams


Gov't and Politics

Culture and Society

WWII California


1960s California


Gold Rush Era

Land Of Golden Dreams

The Gold Rush: History and Images

California First Person Narratives General Collections

Museum of the City of San Francisco

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

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Race and Gender

CA Legislation to Pay for Indian Suppression

People V. Hall

The Promise of Gold Mountain 

Chinatown Declared A Nuisance!

Dear Miss Breed Letters from a Internment Camp

Evacuation and Internment of San Francisco Japanese - 1942

Black Panther Party Photo Gallery

A Huey P. Newton Story PBS

Pacifica Radio Sound Recording Project Black Panther Party

Chicano Park

Alcatraz Island Pictures

Alcatraz Indian Occupation

NPR on Los Angeles Riots

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CA Visions--CA Dreams

California How to Go There and What to See by the Way. Charles Nordhoff. Harper's 1872

California Sheet Music 19th-Century

Venice California History Web Site

Sunset Magazine Exhibit

Overland Monthly

Katherine Tingley, Point Loma, and Theosophy

California Dream - Fruit Crate Labels

California Dream Barbie

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Environment and Nature

John Muir Exhibit


Restore Hetch Hetchy

Sierra Club

John Muir - Let Everyone Help to Save the Famous Hetch-Hetchy Valley

San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

The Yosemite Association

Mono Lake

Central Valley Project

Great Central Valley Project Home page

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Main Page

Keep Tahoe Blue

California Coastal Records Project

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California Government and Politics

California Government Homepage

SoCal Connected

Governor of California Recall for California State Government

California Secretary of State - Elections & Voter Information - Elections Divison - October 7, 2003, Statewide Special Election Information

1849 California Constitution

1878 California Constitution1878 State Consitution

Upton Sinclair the California EPIC Movement - 1934

San Diego Ham and Eggs Campaign

Regents of UC v. BakkeOyez Oyez Oyez Regents of the University of California v. Bakke

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California Culture and Society

Disneyland Home Page

Disneyland Sounds

Yesterland the Discontinued Disneyland

The Surfing Bibliography

SURFING FOR LIFE -- History of Surfing

The Windansea Surf Club


1960s Beach Party Movies

The Panama Pacific International Exposition

SD Panama-California ExpoSD Panama-California Expo

Local Museums in California

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World War II California

War Comes to San DiegoJournal of San Diego History--War Comes to San Diego

Japanese American Internment and Civil Liberties

Evacuation and Internment of San Francisco Japanese - 1942

Dear Miss Breed Letters from Internment Camp

Manzanar Concentration Camp

Dust Bowl Voices

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Hollywood Historical Photograph Collection

Arbucklemania The Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle Website

Sex and 1930s Hollywood Films

Screen Guide for Americans

Propaganda Critic Video Gallery

OWI Motion Picture Bureau Manual

The Hollywood 10

Red Channels BlacklistRed Channels Blacklist

Monster at the Soda Shop Teenagers and Fifties Horror Films

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60s California

Free Speech Movement Student Protest - U.C. Berkeley 1964-65

FSM-A the Free Speech Movement Archives Home Page

The Birth of the Free Speech Movement by Michael Rossman*

Present at the Birth A Free Speech Movement Journal*

FSM- Statements of the University Students for Law and Order December 1964*

The Free Speech Movement- Media Resources, University of California Berkeley

San Francisco State College StrikeSan Francisco State College Strike

Chronology of San Francisco Rock 1965-1969

Trips Festival January 1966

Psychedelic '60s Home Page


The Sixties Project

The Digger Archives Home Page

Summer of Love Web Tour

Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration

My Summer of Love

People's Park Archives

Manson Trial Page


Symbionese Liberation Army

Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple

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