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 US History Links and Learning Aids

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US History Links


Race and Rights

60s Culture

Cold War

60s Politics

Late 20th Century



World War II Posters

Dr. Seuss Went to War

Excerpts from Personal Justice Denied: Japanese Internment

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PBS Conscience and the Constitution The Story (Internment)

Korematsu v. United States

Journal of San Diego History--War Comes to San Diego

Journal of San Diego History--Housing in Wartime San Diego

Evacuation and Internment of San Francisco Japanese - 1942

Dear Miss Breed Letters from Internment Camp

Audio Interview with a Dust Bowl Migrant

Hiroshima- Was It Necessary? The Atomic Bombing of Japan

ATOMIC BOMB- DECISION (Hiroshima-Nagasaki)

Documents Relating to the Development of the Atomic Bomb and Its use on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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Cold War America

Cold War

CNN - Cold War

A Cold War and a Hot Bomb

Tour The Greenbrier Bunker

National Security ArchiveCOLD WAR Interviews

NSA - The VENONA Home Page

Soviet Archives- Entrance Room

Tracked In America: US Gov't Surveillance

The American 1950

"Radio Days - Edward R. Murrow"

FILM Archives Inc. Home

F.I.L.M. Archives -Duck and Cover

Propaganda Critic Video Gallery

CONELRAD- All Things Atomic

Internet Archive Details Survival Under Atomic Attack

Let's Face It Civil Defense Film

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Screen Guide for Americans

The Cold War and Red Scare in Washington State

McCarthy Executive Hearings (1953-54)

The Authentic History Center: The 1950s Red Channels Report

Monster at the Soda Shop Teenagers and Fifties Horror Films

 Are You Popular? Audio - Video Archive

Eisenhower Campaign Spots, 1952 Presidential Campaign

Cold War Links

Levittown: Building the Surburban Dream

Levittown: An Ideal American Suburb

Disneyland's Grand Opening

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Disneyland Sounds

Yesterland the Discontinued Disneyland

The Kinsey Reports

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Race and Rights

Civil Rights- Brown v. Board of Education I (1954)

Little Rock Central High Nine

The Seattle Times- Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Page

MLK Audio Files

MLK's Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Welcome to the Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project

THE BLACK PANTHERS - 10 Point Program

Speeches and Letters From Malcolm X

Black Panther Party Photo Gallery

A Huey P. Newton Story PBS

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Violence in the City: An End or a Beginning (Watts Riot)

Pacifica Radio Sound Recording Project Black Panther Party

Chicano Park

Alcatraz Island Pictures

Alcatraz Indian Occupation

The Scum Manifesto by Valerie Solanas (1971)

New York Radical Feminists Manifesto of Shared Rape (1971)

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60s Politics

The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962- A Political Perspective After 40 Years

14 Days in October- The Cuban Missile Crisis

NSA and the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Avalon Project - The Cuban Missile Crisis

Documents Relating to the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis

CIA and the Bay of Pigs Documents

Cuban Missile Crisis--Khrushchev's letters


The Vietnam War Internet Project

The Vietnam War

The American Experience-Vietnam

Battlefield Vietnam

Vietnam Vets, Vietnam War, History of Vietnam

The Vietnam War Photo Album

"Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam" (April 1967)

Senator J. William Fulbright on the Arrogance of Power, 1966

My Lai Massacre Trial

The My Lai Cases

Toledo Blade Report on Vietnam War Atrocities

The History Place - JFK Photo History

Great Society Speech, Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964

The 30 Second Candidate Lyndon Johnson campaign spots

C-SPAN LBJ White House Tapes

The Sixties Project

Radical Times The Antiwar Movement of the 1960s

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Free Speech Movement Student Protest - U.C. Berkeley 1964-65

FSM-A the Free Speech Movement Archives Home Page

The Birth of the Free Speech Movement by Michael Rossman*

Present at the Birth A Free Speech Movement Journal*

FSM- Statements of the University Students for Law and Order December 1964*

Film and Documentaries regarding 60s Social and Political Issues

CHAOS Report

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60s Culture

1960s Beach Party Movies

Chronology of San Francisco Rock 1965-1969

Trips Festival January 1966

Trips_Festival Photos

Merry Prankster History Project

Psychedelic '60s Home Page

The Sixties Project

The Digger Archives Home Page

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Summer of Love Web Tour

Summer of Love 30th Anniversary Celebration

My Summer of Love

People's Park History Pages

Charles Manson the Manson Family - From The Crime Library

All about Patty Hearst Kathleen Soliah and the SLA by Katherine Ramsland

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Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple

American as Cherry Pie--Analysis of Jonestown

Valerie Solanas' SCUM Manifesto

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Late 20th Century Watergate

Watergate Files

Richard M. Nixon The Watergate Tapes

NARA Nixon Presidential Materials White House Tapes

Nixon's Enemies List

Love Canal Collection

Three Mile Island Reports

Frontline the Gulf War

The Ronald Reagan Home Page

Frontline: The First Gulf War

NSA and the First Gulf War

Clinton Presidency Timeline

Clinton Library

Frontline: The Clinton Years

BBC and September 11th

911 Digital Archive

September 11th

Frontline and the War with Iraq

Library of Congress Exhibitions

Home Page American Memory from the Library of Congress

National Archives Online Exhibit Hall

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