Groove Tube, Ch. 5-7


Ch. 5

Why was Mod Squad more successful or long lasting than the Smothers Brothers?

How did the author explain or interpret Mod Squad’s ideological goal or purpose in dealing with youth?

What kind of conflicts or obstacles did Mod Squad face?

How did the underground press respond to the Mod Squad?

What was significance of the Mod Squad’s draft resistance episode the author explores?

Why was the Linc character different or unique?


Ch. 6

How did the networks change the look of TV shows in attempt to capture youth audience?

What was the significance of patriotism motif used by several shows?

Why did producers of new show in early 70s tend to have an adult character seem to side or befriend the youth characters in the shows?

Why were the settings of All in the Family and MASH significant to their success at dealing with the youth?


Ch. 7

What about legacy of 60s TV shaped TV from 70s to today?