Happy Days and Wonder Years, Ch. 1-2


What general values or ideas did the 50s represent to 1970s Americans?

How did the news media and journalists portray the 50s?

How did commentators, media, and critics of the 70s use 1950s perceptions of women when confronting sexuality?

What is the basic point of view of the 1950s offered by television show, Happy Days?

According to the author how did Happy Days counter earlier 70s sit-coms like All in the Family or Maude?

Why the popularity of the “greaser” in the 70s rather than the 50s Beatnik when shows portrayed 50s youth?


Ch. 2

What specific events and issues of 60s did Ronald Reagan focus on in his 1980 election campaign?

Why did conservatives view the 50s so fondly?  What did they remember or see?

Why did conservatives attack feminism?

Who or what did conservatives  blame or hold responsible for poverty?

How did conservatives link Vietnam with 80s foreign policy?

How does the author evaluate the success of Reagan presidency to achieve its goals and desires?