Where the Girls Are, Intro, Ch. 3-6

Chapter 3

What was the general portrayal of sex and young women before the early 60s?

In what ways did the media challenge this idea of sex?

How valid is the argument that the Sexual Revolution began in the early 60s?

What was the significance of the pregnancy dramas?


Ch. 4

What was the significance of girl music?

What were some of the messages in this music?

Why is the race of these girl groups significant?


Ch. 5

How were girl magazines different from those boys read?

In general, how different were the new role models that appeared in films and tv shows which teenage girls look to?

Why were the Beatles significant according to the author?


Ch. 6

How does she explain the creation of shows like Jeanie or Bewitched?

How were these women on TV less threatening or were they?