Wanted Dead or Alive, Ch. 4, 6


Ch. 4

How did William S. Hart western films fit or reflect the political culture of early 20th-century America?

How did the themes of 1930s’ western films reflect the social concerns of that time?

Why do some believe High Noon was shaped by the events of 50s America?

How did western films’ handling of Indians reflected impact of Cold War and growing Civil Rights movement of 50s America?

How did messages and themes of many westerns change in the 1960s and 70s and what helps explain this?


Ch. 6

How is the popularity of western tied to Cold War?

How did the juvenile westerns differ from more adult oriented ones?

How was Matt Dillon different?

Why the family westerns of late 50s and 60s?

How did Bonanza, Big Valley, and Rifleman differ and how similar?

What explains the demise of the western by 1970s?