Hackel, ďLand, Labor, and ProductionĒ


How did most scholars view the CA economy before the Gold Rush?  Why?

What is Hackelís thesis?

Why did Spanish settle CA?

Why and how did Spanish govít or state shape early economy of CA?

How did missions contribute to economic growth?

Why did Spanish govít or crown establish pueblos?

What beyond the efforts of Spanish govít helps explain the ultimate success and development of early CA economy?

How did labor fit into the padres ideas of civilizing Indians?

What is the debate or nature of the discussion about impact of working conditions on Indian laborers?

How did Indians thwart the effort of padres to impose their work ethic and values on them?

Why were presidios dependent on Indian labor and what methods of labor did they use?

Why did Indians prefer pueblos  to the mission when it came to working for Spaniards?