Revolution and Origins of the Constitution


 Locke, ďSecond Treatise on GovernmentĒ

What is the condition of man prior to the formation of govít?

How does Locke define or explain property?

Why would one choose to leave the state of nature?

What is the basis of govít?  What has to happen for it be formed?

Why must one submit to the majority?

Where is the supreme power place or found and why?

What limits or restraints does Locke believe legislative must accept?

How does Locke see laws?

What does he say about the exact form of govít?

How does he justify a revolt against govít?

What specific ways might a govít violate its trust with governed?

Who determines if this trust broken or violated?


Resolutions of Stamp Act Congress

Why is the preamble important?  Why do colonists write it as so?

How do they explain or justify their complaints?

How do the colonists see their relationship with England at this time?

What do they object to in regards to the Stamp Act?

What are complaints or objections do they make?