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History 445
Prof. John Putman



60s Politics and Culture:
California Style

California Surf Culture



Duke Kahanmoku

Pacific Electric and George Freeth


New Technology--Bob Simmons

50s Surfing as Counterculture

Gidget Brings Surf Culture to America

Romanticized, safe version

60s Radical Politics and the Commercialization of Surfing

Mickey Dora

"Trestles" Battle


Politics of Liberalism

1958 Election

Knowland and Prop 18

Pat Brown’s Liberal Agenda

Civil rights

Master Plan for Higher Education

CA Water Plan

Changing Politics


Nixon and 1962 election

John Birch Society

The Campus comes alive

Students for a Democratic Society (1962)

Port Huron Statement

Berkeley Free Speech Movement (1964)

HUAC protests

concerned political rights and free speech


fostered questioning attitude

no longer accept wisdom of elders

sparked other pol. Protests

Antiwar Movement

Escalation leads to teach-ins

Vietnam Day committee

Draft Protests

Oakland Draft conflict (1967)